Apartment in District 2 very nice

Details about apartments for rent in District 1, HCMC Viet Nam:
1) Apartments for rent in The Vista, An Phu Ward, District 2, 12th floor, an area of ​​104m2, view pool, tower T3, for rent fully furnished $ 1,000 / month. Also there are more apartments The Vista 2 bedrooms, bancong, rental 1,100usd / month with furniture.
2) Apartments for rent 3 bedroom, fully furnished, T1 tower, view Hanoi Highway, rental 1,200usd / month.
3) Apartments for rent at The Vista Phu District 2, 3 bedroom apartment, pool view, 135m2 area, prices for furniture embroidered 1,300usd / month.
4) need to rent 4 bedrooms The Vista District 2, no furniture, area 173m2, floor 17, pool view, rental 2,00usd / month.
5) Penthouse apartment for rent Estella District 2, 4 bedroom apartment, fully furnished, for rent 3,000usd / month.
6) Need for rent 3 bedroom Penthouse Estella District 2, an area of ​​230m2, 2 storey, 3 bedroom, 4 toilets, beautiful balconies, fully furnished, rental 2,300usd / month.
7) For rent apartments Xi River view Palace District 2 Nguyen Van Huong Street, 6th floor apartment, river view, 3 bedrooms, area of ​​145m2, fully furnished, for rent 2,600usd / month.
8) for rent apartment 201m2 River view Palace Xi District 2, 10th floor, beautiful thta61 modern interior, river view, for rent about US $ 4,000 / month.
9) for rent apartment Premier Cantavil District 2, 3 bedroom apartment, fully furnished, for rent 1,300usd / month. floor nice view.
10) for rent apartment 3 bedrooms Thao Dien Pearl, 17th floor, with a balcony, fully furnished, for rent 1,400usd / month.
11) for rent apartment with swimming pool and gym at Thao Dien Pearl building, apartment 2 bedroom, top floor, for rent 1,200usd / month with furniture.
12) for rent apartment 4 Bedrooms, Hoang Anh Gia Lai District 2, 20th floor, river view, corner, furniture, rental price 17 million / month.
Also we are renting apartments in HCMC, sale HCMC apartment, rentals HCMC mansion, … contact us for advice:
Contact name: Mr Đức
Phone: 0919462121
Address: 219A – Nguyen Van Huong – District 2 – HCMC

cho-thue-can-ho-cantavil-5 cho-thue-can-ho-cantavil-4 cho-thue-can-ho-cantavil-3 cho-thue-can-ho-cantavil-2


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