Serviced apartments for rent, for rent serviced apartments Villa Camellia

Serviced apartments for rent Villa Camellia luxury accommodation at affordable prices is the perfect choice for customers short stay or long term.
Serviced Apartments Villa Camellia newly built, fully furnished, luxury design, exquisite, guaranteed to provide customers with convenient and modern space.
Currently, including 7 suites are furnished luxury, fully furnished. 01 bedrooms are luxurious, airy living room, dining room and cozy kitchen, bathroom clean, beautiful.
The area of ​​45m2 – 50m2, the price of 530 USD – 630 USD / month
Price includes: water, cable TV, internet, security, housekeeping.
Price does not include: VAT, electricity, telephone (calculated by the state).
Besides, Camellia Villa Serviced apartments are fully furnished including air conditioning, TV, luxury bed, wardrobe, fridge, oven, desks and chairs, water heater, shower , bath …
Rooms with view outward to catch the light and the wind always helps fresh air, ventilation. Giving you a feeling of comfort, enjoy peaceful moments of fun after hours of work stress.

PLEASE CONTACT: MR Đức 0919 46 2121


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