Vinhomes Central Park in Ho Chi Minh City

Now I have Some apartment at  Vinhomes Central Park with an extremely reasonable price, nice funiture Apartments, as below information:

General information Vinhomes Central Park

18 blocks – 38 stories residential buildings housing 10.000 high-class apartments (01 – 04 bedroom), fully finished & serviced.
Villa Compound with more than 150 Villas
Property Type: Condominium/ Villa
Location: No 208, Nguyen Huu Canh Street, District Binh Thanh, HCM city
Rent Period: 1 year
No. of bedrooms: 1 – 4 bedrooms
Facilities: Cable Television, High speed internet, Telephone line, Elevator, The Spa, Gym, Shopping center, Swimming pool, VIN International School, VINMEC International Hospital…
Center Park: 43 ha
Furnishing condition: advanced equipment and systems
Asking rent: 600 USD – 2000 USD/month

If you need reference pictures and more information, Please visit my company website:
Or want to refer to Vinhomes Central Park:

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